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High Sierra Music Festival
 Quincy, CA

Wayfaring Stranger 4:53
Lordy, Lordy 4:16
Head 15:28
Dover to Dunkirk 7:35
WFQS 5:03
Goat 11:27
Mess 19:54
The Old Man and the Land 7:37
Stillwater Getaway 9:11
Black Bear 12:11
Ophelia 12:05
Warhead Boogie 12:55
Seven Story Mountain 16:22
Mourning Flies 13:15
Railroad Earth 6:20
Magic Foot 3:23
Buda 17:48

Show Notes

    • Wayfaring Stranger fades in
    • Warhead Boogie and Seven Story Mountain are a filler from 6/29/06 Quincy, CA
    • Scott Law on Electric Guitar on “Goat,” “Old Man & the Land,” “Morning Flies,” “Railroad Earth,” “Magic Foot” and “Like a Buddha.”
    • Eric Yates (Hot Buttered Rum) on Flute on “I am a Mess.
    • Tim Carbone on piano & Johnny Grubb on Electric Bass for “Ophelia.”
    • Horns: Dan Sears (trumpet), Chris Cuzmo (Tenor sax), Elliot Levin (Tenor Sax), Dominic Lalli (Tenor sax), Jeff Coffin (Tenor sax)


10/13/2018 Eureka Springs, AR
10/14/2018 Eureka Springs, AR
8/18/2018 Morrison, CO
12/31/2017 Denver, CO
8/17/2018 Boulder, CO