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The UC Theatre
 Berkeley, CA

Walk Beside Me 8:32
The Hunting Song 12:58
Storms 6:42
When the Sun Gets in Your Blood 8:20
The Jupiter and the 119 8:20
Potter's Field 6:01
Lonecroft Farewell 12:59
Lovin' You 6:32
The Forecast 12:09
Raven's Child 5:18
Farewell To Isinglass 6:12
Grandfather Mountain 13:06
12 Wolves 14:32
Captain Nowhere 13:44
Like a Buddha 15:31
Give That Boy a Hand 5:22
Chasin' a Rainbow 13:28

Show Notes

      • Walk Beside Me, The Hunting Song, Storms, Potter's Field, Lonecroft Farewell, Lovin' You, The Forecast. Raven's Child, Grandfather Mountain, Captain Nowhere, Like A Buddha, Give That Boy A Hand, Chasin' A Rainbow featuring Dan Lebowitz on guitar, lap stell and dobro
      • When The Sun Gets in Your Blood, Potter’s Field, Lonecroft Farewell, Lovin’ You, Grandfather Mountain, Captain Nowhere, Like A Buddha,  Give That Boy A Hand, Chasin’ A Rainbow featuring  Holly Bowling on keys
      • Erik Yates on banjo, guitar, and flute for the entire show


    6/29/2019 Butler, OH
    7/5/2019 Asbury Park, NJ
    7/6/2019 Asbury Park, NJ
    7/1/2006 Quincy, CA
    5/25/2019 Cumberland, MD